Saturday, January 8, 2011

What This Is About

This blog was created based on a picture I posted to my now defunct myspace account about five or six years ago. The picture was of me standing in my kitchen wearing an orange t-shirt and doing something awkward with my arms. I captioned the picture "Prepubescent, Awkward, and Alone." Years later my friend Dave saw this and thought it was quite funny. I thought it would be amusing to create a platform on which people can share their own PAA picture, as well as a picture of how they look now. If you want to take part (and I hope you do), please send me:

1) An awkward picture from middle school or early high school. The picture should epitomize the unfortunate years we all go through around age 13-16, the years when your pimples outnumber your friends.

2) A picture of how you look now, one that shows you at your best. You know, like your last Facebook profile picture.

I think it will provide inspiration to 14 year olds everywhere to see that the terrors of puberty don't last forever. If anything it should be interesting and pretty funny.

I'll start:

Oh yeah. Email me at Thanks!

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